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  • Kiddush Ladies (The)
     Cover for: Kiddush Ladies (The)
  • Secret Agent Angel
     Cover for: Secret Agent Angel
  • Ticket (The)
     Cover for: Ticket (The)
  • Waiting in the Shadows
     Cover for: Waiting in the Shadows
  • Beekeeper's Daughter (The)
     Cover for: Beekeeper's Daughter (The)
  • Introvert (The)
     Cover for: Introvert (The)
  • Kiddush Ladies (The)
     Cover for: Kiddush Ladies (The)
  • Quest for Vengeance
     Cover for: Quest for Vengeance
  • Secret Agent Angel
     Cover for: Secret Agent Angel
  • Ticket (The)
     Cover for: Ticket (The)
  • Waiting in the Shadows
     Cover for: Waiting in the Shadows
  • Whisper Blue
     Cover for: Whisper Blue
  • Closing the Store
     Cover for: Closing the Store
  • Dead Ends
     Cover for: Dead Ends
  • Fools Rush In
     Cover for: Fools Rush In
  • No Small Deceit
     Cover for: No Small Deceit
  • Pot O'Gold Murder (The)
     Cover for: Pot O'Gold Murder (The)
  • Alien Mine
     Cover for: Alien Mine
  • Portal (The)
     Cover for: Portal (The)
  • Lifting the Veil
     Cover for: Lifting the Veil
  • Alien Under Cover
     Cover for: Alien Under Cover
  • Chancing Faith
     Cover for: Chancing Faith
  • Black Ops Chronicles: Dead Run
     Cover for: Black Ops Chronicles: Dead Run
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Linda Lee Kane

The sky is bigger, the ground much harder, the freshly grown produce amazing, and the people diversified where Linda Lee Kane lives in sunny, Fresno, California.

She and her family moved there with little to no expectations, except to move back to their hometown in Orange County within 5 years. Thirty-five years later, they have grown to love their home in the San Joaquin Valley, the people, and the opportunities that were afforded them. She was able to receive a master’s degree. Her husband works at a job he loves and coaches a semi pro soccer team. Her sons graduated with their master’s degrees and married two beautiful, intelligent women.

Whether she’s writing for adults or children, the war between Kane’s days and nights is reflected solidly in her books. Although the tendency to acknowledge the light and dark sides of life is disguised in her work, it’s there, lurking, just out of view. READ MORE

Published Books
  • Black Madonna (The)
     Cover for: Black Madonna (The)
You guys are Great!!

What I like about Black Opal Books is the natural way you communicate. Mostly your replies are quick when we have questions. To work with the editing department is so easy. My explanations about my writing (or questions about it) is taken without fuss (as I have sometimes experienced differently). My ideas about book covers are worked out beautifully. What can I say?
Two thumbs up!


I am so grateful!

I am so grateful to be an author with Black Opal Books and am pleased to write this testimonial. I am treated professionally, but like a friend. When I ask questions, I’m given even more helpful information than I expected. Lauri, the acquisitions editor, my book editors, and cover designer have been tremendously kind and patient. I’m happy with my entire experience at Black Opal Books and appreciate their trust in me and my writing craft.
Most sincerely, Carole


I fell very blessed

I feel very blessed and honored that Black Opal Books chose to publish my book! I had so many questions and was so naïve about everything. BOB's staff is extremely kind, helpful, and understanding. They never make me feel that my questions are stupid and they always take the time to work with me. The feedback I received from the editors was invaluable and very much appreciated! Jack had the patience of Job when he worked with me on my book cover. I couldn't be happier and I hope our relationship lasts a long time!

-Debbie Lee

Before Black Opal Books, I was so lost..

After I wrote my first book, Rescued from the Dark, I was lost on what my next step should be. I thought I had an amazing story because my family and friends told me so. I took the advice of a friend and found some publishers, just knowing I had the next best seller. After submitting to Black Opal Books, the first time, I received an e-mail. It was a rejection, but a nice one. It explained that I had a good story line but I needed to take some workshops to improve my writing skills, which would improve my book. I soon realized that I wrote a story without knowing how to write so I took her advice. I took some workshops and my story is so much better because of a very informative, instructive rejection letter. Something that you don’t get from many publishers. Black Opal books took a chance on a newbie who had no idea what she was doing but because of some kind words, and encouragement my first book was released February 16, 2013. And I owe it all to an amazing editor named Lauri Wellington and Black Opal Books.

-Lynda Kaye Frazier

Black Opal is a friendly company

Black Opal is writer-friendly. How many presses would allow you to withdraw your title after two years after they did everything they could to make it sell? I won't be withdrawing though. I plan to keep my book with Black Opal because they continue to work for me.

Lauri is one of the best editors I've ever had, and the editing process at BOB is identical to the process at much larger publishers who have published my thrillers. Lauri made my book better, and she explained the changes to me every step of the way.

-Bonnie Hearn Hill