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S. J. Francis

Black Opal Books Author Bio for: S. J. Francis


S. J. Francis was born to be a writer, but not until high school did writing take over. Always ready to take on any writing project when assigned one as a child, Francis wasn't aware, yet that it was a love for writing burning within the soul that welcomed the projects. It all started with the publication of one short story, that had been rejected so many times, that Francis lost count, that the writing bug awakened. Francis is a long-time freelance writer, a University Professor, bibliophile, and most recently, a novelist. Writing keeps Francis sane, even when life around isn’t. An active voice for causes that involve animals and military veterans, Francis is never at a loss to help others, especially the underdog, cat, and other writers.

With over three hundred publication credits, Francis writes for many publications, as well as regularly contributing to local newspapers. Francis’s background also encompasses working as an executive producer for network and public TV. Francis currently lives in Mississippi, where a major part of Shattered Lies takes place—but grew up in New York City, where the latter portion occurs—has a great respect and fondness for both places, and considers the world a notebook full of endless ideas. When not writing, Francis can be found reading a good book, or spending time in the outdoors with the pets. As in all the stories Francis writes, in the end, good and bad, it’s all about family. Francis’s first novel, Shattered Lies is a women's fiction/mainstream/family saga novel. The family dynamic is a never-ending source of ideas and Shattered Lies is no exception. Future projects include a sequel to Shattered Lies and a novel about the dynamic relationships in Hollywood.

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